Network marketing is a business model that depends on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often working from home. A network marketing business may require you to build a network of business partners or salespeople to assist with lead generation and closing sales.


1. Work From Anywhere: This has been one of Americans biggest dreams is the possibility to be able to work on their laptop from anywhere around the world. To me this is priceless. As long as you can get internet connection you can run your business. If anything changes in your life you just move to another state, city, etc. and you business is portable because your business is portable.

2. Your Own Schedule: This is a big one for me. If I have an appointment I do not have to ask for time off work from a regular job. Because you can set your own schedule, it is also very easy to not work your business in network marketing so you must become disciplined if you want to grow the business. You only get out of it what you are willing to put into it. In a traditional business the same holds true as well, however, you have a far greater investment at risk.

3. Low Cost of Entry: With network marketing companies you can start with just a computer and a small investment to get started. Some have even started with no money to invest. Only time and hard work. If you were considering starting a traditional business, generally speaking, you are looking at $50,000 minimum investment, just to open the doors. Franchise type of business would even be a far greater investment of $100K, or more and most of the owners do not even start to see a profit for over 5 years. My question to you would be: Which would you rather invest, say a small amount of $1000 or $50,000 or more?

4. No Employees: This in itself should make you take a serious look at network marketing. There are no payroll worries, tax worries, workers compensation worries like you would have in a traditional business that are all cost associated with employees. No one asking for salary increases or just plain old making sure others are getting the work done for you. The only employee you need to worry about is yourself.

5. No Billing/Account Receivables: You do not have to worry about billing any of your customers, or collecting any money, that is all handled online, and even if you sell physical products, the products are drop shipped for you with most companies. In a traditional business sometimes you wait 90 days or more to collect their money.

6. Tax Benefits From A Homebased Business: This is a huge benefit. With a home based business you will receive some of the same tax breaks that the rich are already taking advantage of. You can have access to over 250 tax incentives that rich people know about and take advantage of! The tax benefits alone are generally greater than the cost to get started.

7. There is No Discrimination Between Men/Women/Age/Race: Everyone who enters network marketing has the same opportunity as the next person to succeed. I have even heard of someone that was bedridden becoming successful in their network marketing business.

8. No Commuting: Just imagine the time and money you would save from not having to commute back and forth to your business or day job. One thing we can never get back is time. Time is something we seem to never have enough of. I personally do not consider sitting in rush hour traffic a good use of my time.

9. Security: We hear everyday of companies laying employees off. Cut backs. There is no such thing as job security when working for someone else. With the shrinking job market and technological advances leading to fewer and fewer people needed to do the same job as there once was. What’s more secure…having one income stream with a job where you could be outsourced or downsized in an instant, or additional income coming from a network marketing business? When you have your own network marketing business you have the stability of your network. Yes, even in network marketing, there are companies that come and go, but those companies, however, can not take your network. That is your security in this business.

10. Residual Income: Boy, this is priceless. I hope you can understand this amazing benefit and the power of it. Network marketing allow you to get paid a residual income, even when you are not working, plus it can grow month to month. Imagine when you retire and you still have that residual income coming in for you.

11. Training Already In Place And Readily Available: Because Network Marketing is a system which has many independent distributors, the companies typically have training available at your fingertips. Why not learn from those that have already proven there success.

12. Receive The Help, Encouragement, and Support From Others In The Same Profession: I have benefited so much from this. You will find that everyone is willing to help each other to succeed. Find yourself a mentor to follow and work with. Generally in America everyone is out for themselves, clawing their way to the top of the ladder. You will find network markets different. Everybody helps everybody and you will find that you will be doing the same in a very short time.

13. Personal Growth: This is big in my personal opinion and a synonymous with network marketing. The personal growth you must experience along with the growth of your business is essential. You must grow, especially if you want a large income. You must grow to become the person that helps others, encourages others, and helps others to also get what they want out of life. If you don’t grow then you will become stagnant.

14. You Build Social Skills: You become a better person, which improves so many other areas of your life. When you build your social skills other look forward to working with you and being around you.

15. Allows You To Help Others On A Massive Scale: The ripple effect that your business can have on others can be larger than you could ever imagine. Your personal impact can touch more people than you will ever even know about. To people who love to help others this is a huge benefit. This reason should be at the top of your priority list.

16. Quickly Profitable: Unlike traditional businesses, which generally speaking take 3-5 years before they even think about seeing a profit, in network marketing, depending on what you are doing, you could see a return in days.

18. Build Your Business By Using The Internet: The internet is changing the world as we use to know it. The possibility of reaching a greater audience for your business is just at your finger tips. Here you can focus on people who are only interested in what you are selling. This makes any advertising cost much lower. With the traditional business, yes this can be done, depending on the type of business, but the cost for a traditional business can be far greater than what you will experience because you are reaching out to people one at a time.

19. Ability To Work In A Stress Free Environment: Today people are working in a FEAR based environment. With more and more jobs being outsourced, there are less jobs available. Employers can pay less and require more, and this is happening every day. With network marketing you are working from the comfort of your home, and the fear and stress are far less. You are creating your own dream, not someone else’s dream.

20. Ability To Involve Your Kids: Since you can work from home, you can involve your kids, and teach them a strong work ethic and social skills. Working around your schedule is a plus in order to spend more time with your kids taking them to that ball practice, with you being able to stay and watch. With you kids around you, they see what you do, how you do it, learn how to be entrepreneurs, as well you can also involve them in your business and have them do projects you choose for involving them in your business. I can’t think of a better way to instill a good work ethic in your children.




  • Become your own Boss

  • No Fixed Time to work

  • Have a Money Freedom

  • Exponential Updation in Personality

  • Need time off or Holiday? Take it

  • Want more money? Work More Earn more.


  • Someone else is the boss

  • Fixed time to work

  • No Money Freedom

  • Slow Updation

  • Need time off? Beg!

  • Want more money? Work More Beg!



No, you can do part time. Beauty of the business is we can do in flexible time.


A good number of people started part-time MLM business when they have a full-time job in their hand.  Spend one or two hours per day after your daily work to promote the business through your friends or family and it will assure you second income.


Selling and recruiting both have their own benefits. To earn money in the beginning you can sell the products directly to the end customers. Later on, you can build your team by recruiting new members or distributor and earn a commission based on the sale happens through your team.


Objections are quite common in any business. To face the objections from customer please follow below tips.

  • Always listen fully to the customers.

  • Note where you are lagging behind.

  • Interact more related to the benefits of the business and the product.

  • Share the success stories

  • Accept and solve their objections



There are no sponsor member limits and one can sponsor and manage unlimited downlines. With more members, the sponsor earns more bonuses and commissions. However, an MLM company has the right to restrict this sponsorship with a limit.

Bonuses and commissions differ in accordance with the compensation plans. Always join an MLM Company suitable for your marketing approach and style. One must get maximum profit out of the effort that puts on individual product selling.


If an MLM company is directly marketing their products to customers then its direct marketing and if the distributors are selling products to customers then it’s direct selling. Basically, this is the difference between these two terms.


The future of MLM business looks brighter and it’s a good opportunity to improve business life. Everyone is into MLM or direct selling to enhance their business opportunity; this adaption looks healthy and futuristic.